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A view of the Arts and Culture page on the IntoAlbania.com website.
August 30, 2018

IntoAlbania will develop an advanced digital platform - IntoAlbania.com - which combined with a smartphone application, promises to become the largest digital marketplace for tourists and local visitors.

FACT SHEET: Addressing Needs of Women and Girls at Risk of Violent Extremism in Albania
August 16, 2018

The Women, Peace and Security Act of 2017 recognizes that the inclusion of women in efforts to maintain global peace and security makes such efforts more effective. As such, the United States is committed to increasing women’s meaningful participation in peacekeeping and security operations. As a result, USAID is partnering with the Department of Defense through the U.S. European Command on a project to build community resiliency and sustainability in Albania through activities that will contribute to the prevention of social exclusion, violent extremism, radicalization, marginalization, recruitment and conflict.

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July 26, 2018

The purpose of the USAID/Albania “Demand Change” activity is to develop and implement thematic public awareness campaigns to amplify the development impact of USAID’s work in Albania. Albanian public relations and design firms will produce and disseminate thematic public awareness campaigns to amplify the development impact of USAID’s work in Albania.

Woman speak in front of a group of women sitting in an outdoor field
July 25, 2018

Diber: Trails and Tradition project seeks to increase employment, particularly among youth and women, and to increase incomes of Diber families involved in the tourism supply chain. The project aims to develop and promote sustainable tourism enterprises in communities in northern Albania.

A group of staff who work at a hotel pose on stairs in front of hotel sign
July 25, 2018

People First is a 24-month human resources focused project that leverages private sector expertise to promote employability of Albanians in the tourism sector through the provision of employer-valued technical and practical trainings. The project creates partnerships between prospective employees, Vocational Training Centers, and businesses, and establish pathways for prospective employees, particularly youth and women, to gain skills and enter the workforce. The project focuses in four regions: Albania’s southern coast, Durres-Kavaja corridor, Shkodra and Albania’s northern mountains, and the Korca region including Lake Ohrid, Pogradec, and Voskopoja.


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