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Despite the recent gains in poverty reduction in Armenia, one third of the country’s population remains in poverty. USAID’s social protection activities work closely with the Armenian Government and civil society to deliver vital social services to vulnerable populations, build sustainable models of social services delivery, and strengthen the capacity of the government to implement its broad social reform agenda.

USAID places a special emphasis on promoting national child welfare reforms to ensure social inclusion and equal access to services and opportunities for especially vulnerable children. USAID also maximizes the use of government-to-government agreements and supports local civil society organizations to implement activities in this sector and build local sustainability.  



Strengthening of Inclusive Education System

Partner:  Ministry of Education and Science  |  Active:  April 2016-April 2023

USAID works directly with the Ministry to strengthen Armenia’s inclusive education system in order to implement national child welfare reforms. Through small-scale adjustments in selected schools and pedagogical-psychological centers, the project ensures that learning environments are physically adapted to be inclusive of children with disabilities and/or special educational needs.

Community Level Access to Social Services (CLASS)

Partner:  World Vision Armenia  |  Active:  September 2017- June 2024

Promotes the establishment of community-based social services in Armenia through the introduction of a community-based social worker position within local government and by enabling communities to identify, prevent, and address their social issues.

Leading for Independent Living

Partner: Mobility International USA  |  Active: September 2019-September 2022

Promotes independent living and the inclusion of persons with disabilities by facilitating accessible, affordable and sustainable community-based support and services in Lori and Shirak marzes.

Data for Impact: Strengthening Collection, Management and Use of Quality Routine Data for the Provision of Child Protection and Care in Armenia


Partner: Data for Impact (D4I), Palladium, UNC Chapel Hill | Active: 2021- 2023

Works to improve processes, information systems and coordination of staff and resources to imonitor Armenia’s progress on care reform and the provision of child protection and social work services.  Improves child protection and care by strengthening the Government of Armenia’s ability to collect, manage and use data for effective case management.  Supports ministries to further develop M&E processes, finalize an information system to capture data on alternative care, and formalize roles and responsibilities for data collection and reporting.

Data for Impact: Strengthening Armenia’s Counter-Trafficking Monitoring Systems

Partner: Data for Impact (D4I), Palladium, UNC Chapel Hill | Active: 2021- 2023

Supports the government’s efforts to counter trafficking.

Last updated: May 17, 2022

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