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April 7, 2021

For 40 years, community health workers (CHWs) have been at the forefront of Benin’s community health strategy, and with the government’s support, are now taking a greater lead in data management using regularly updated registers. However, the data contained in these registers is often not systematically transferred to a central database and mired with frequent calculation errors, hindering the proper use of community data for decision-making around allocation of resources for community health. 

March 15, 2021

The United States Government assisted the Benin Human Rights Commission (BHRC) with training on organizational accreditation, advocacy, and investigating and reporting on acts of torture, to strengthen the BHRC’s functions as a human rights institution. Through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the United States supported three two-day workshops for the BHRC’s commissioners and staff between February 22 and March 11.

March 8, 2021

Justine lives near Porto-Novo, Benin’s capital. On a regular day, she is responsible for household chores and cares for her son, who has a learning disability. Without an income source of her own, she relied on her husband, who controlled the family’s finances and had acted violently towards her.

February 19, 2021

The United States Government, through USAID, is providing protective equipment and health supplies to strengthen the community-level response to COVID-19 in the departments of Atlantique, Collines, and Mono.

February 4, 2021

The United States Government is assisting the Benin Human Rights Commission (BHRC) to educate young Beninese civil society leaders on civic engagement and human rights through a series of seven workshops in Benin.


Last updated: September 10, 2021

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