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Dragana Stojinić in her workshop, where she crafts wooden handles for tools in Prijedor, BiH.

Dragana Stojinić lives in a little village near Prijedor in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). To get to her house you have to walk or drive for miles down a long, unpaved country road. But this is hardly unusual. She is not the only woman living in the countryside of BiH.

Vesna Budnjar monitors the progress of drying mushrooms and rosehips in a drying chamber in Kalinovik, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rising at the crack of dawn, getting to bed late at night, and in the hours in between, struggling to protect the only thing that fed her family and paid the bills—that is what Vesna Budnjar’s days used to look like.

Silvana Vidović with goods she baked in her kitchen in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cakes and pastries have been Silvana Vidović’s passion since early childhood. When she was a little girl, she would sneak up, steal some dough from her mother’s bowl, and form it into all kinds of shapes for baking.

Sulejman Abazović, youth leader and peace activist in Bistrica, stands next to images of local youth working together to improve their communities.

The situation in Bistrica was pretty bad, but it is slowly improving, and communication and cooperation among youth now is impressive,” said Sulejman Abazović, a young resident of that community, with a smile.

Zurnal’s ‘TV Affair’ cover page for documentaries uncovering corruption.

Over the past few years, a small, independent media outlet has been—bit-by-bit and story-by-story—pulling back the curtain that has hidden corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) since the war in the 1990s.


Last updated: September 23, 2021

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