Central Asia Energy Regulatory Partnership

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Background and Objectives

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), in cooperation with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), has established the Central Asia Energy Regulatory Partnership (CAERP) within its Energy Regulatory Partnership Program. CAERP countries include Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The program runs from June 2020 – September 2023.

NARUC partnerships are designed to be vehicles for long-term capacity building and promote the sharing of experience between regulators, providing a platform for peer-to peer and practical information exchange. CAERP is strengthening the capacity of energy sector regulatory authorities in Central Asia to effectively provide oversight of utilities and subsequently attract investment while protecting consumers’ interests. It advances these goals by providing technical assistance and capacity building to regulatory agencies and relevant ministries in the region to move toward transparent and cost-reflective energy pricing and improving overall oversight of the sector. Finally, the partnership also works to increase regional cooperation and energy security in Central Asia through promoting regional engagement and developing common regulatory best practices. 

Past Work


  • Training on regulatory independence and regulatory organizational structure (2020)
  • Training on tariff setting practices (2021)


  • Analysis and recommendations on the Tariff Setting Methodology (2021)
  • Peer review of the Methodology for Calculation of Normative Level of Losses in the Electric Networks (2021)

Kyrgyz Republic

  • Training on transparency and public participation (2021)


  • Training on transparency and public participation (2021)


  • Peer review of the draft Procedure for the Publication of Information (2020)

Ongoing Work

  • Development of Guidelines for Accounting Procedures for Utilities and Standard Filing Requirements (Forms and Instructions) for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • Reviewing customer classes in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • Training series on tariffs and cost of service in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • Peer review of Kyrgyz Republic's Methodology on Defining the Production Cost of Products and Formation of Tariffs for District Heat and the Methodology on Determining the Production Cost to Form Natural Gas Tariffs



Dorian Mead, USAID/E3/Energy Division                      
Agreement Officer’s Representative                           

Lora Kudaibergenova, USAID/Central Asia                   

Project Management Specialist                                     



Erin Hammel

NARUC Director 


Emiliya Bagirova

NARUC Program Manager


Last updated: February 04, 2022

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