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USAID builds trust between citizens and government, paving the way for a more peaceful, prosperous, and self-reliant Afghanistan.  We support good governance, rule of law, anti-corruption, credible and transparent elections, and a vibrant civil society and independent media.  Promoting peace and reconciliation, as well as women’s civic and political engagement, is essential to the success of these efforts. 

USAID’s Conflict Mitigation Assistance for Civilians project bolsters these efforts, providing assistance to Afghan families who suffer from the harsh impact of decades of war in Afghanistan.  We work to provide victims with critical services like physical rehabilitation, psychosocial assistance, and economic reintegration.  The COMAC project is implemented in collaboration with the State Ministry for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs, the Ministry of Public Health, and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.



USAID is undertaking numerous activities to provide services to victims of war.

  • We provide immediate and tailored assistance packages, prioritizing life-threatening cases and vulnerable or marginalized groups.  Assistance packages include goods like non-perishable food, cooking equipment, and hygiene kits, as well as medical assistance and psychosocial first aid.
  • We also work with the Government of Afghanistan to efficiently manage data, strengthen coordination between response teams, enhance resource mobilization, and promote rights-based legislation and policies.
  • Strong advocacy and outreach activities further bolster the government’s ability to effectively promote the critical importance of victim’s assistance services, leading to a well-informed citizenry and forging inclusive dialogue between the people and Government of Afghanistan.



  • To-date, we have provided more than 25,244 Afghans with over 17,074 tailored and immediate assistance packages, referral to healthcare and livelihood services, and income generating kits.
  • We helped train 86 government employees so they can improve their skills in human resources management, conflict resolution, time management and reporting, procurement, monitoring and evaluation.
  • We are making it easier for Afghans to find the right health and livelihood services that meet their individual needs through resource mapping.
  • USAID led more than 260 awareness raising events for government and local citizens that are increasing understanding of victims' assistance services.  We also led seven participatory workshops and 23 focus group discussions.
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Friday, July 2, 2021 - 9:15am

Last updated: July 02, 2021