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Beyond Capital Fact Sheet
Beyond Capital Fact Sheet
Beyond Capital Fact Sheet


With a population that more than doubled from 2005 to 2020 and a youth unemployment rate of 35 percent, accelerating job creation is one of the Kingdom’s most pressing needs. The Government of Jordan put a premium on entrepreneurship in its economic planning document, REACH 2025, where it outlined its plans to engage with the private sector to position Jordan as a hub for entrepreneurship in the region. High-impact entrepreneurs with the potential to grow can create more jobs and multiply their economic impact by networking with other entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs to thrive they need in-kind services, mentorship support, and networking opportunities to find their place in the economy. In addition, entrepreneurs require financial services that are ready to support new businesses. Most financial managers in Jordan do not have the technical expertise, especially in the technology sector, required to play this role.


Beyond Capital’s Start Up Support Program provides early-stage, high-growth potential business with a variety of advisory services and training focused on financial readiness, operational processes, and market expansion to assist the firms in making the leap from start-up to scale-up. Beyond Capital also supports existing and aspiring fund managers that invest in early-stage companies with programs on fundraising skills, investment product development, global finance practices, loans to start-up investment funds, exposure to potential investors, and direct investments in selected funds. The Angel Network and Scout program acts as a tool to gain greater visibility into the ecosystem and allows access to diversity as well as promoting inclusivity. and investing small-tickets into early-stage companies. The Beyond Capital Angel Network builds the capacity of angel investors through training and fellowship programs to strengthen their investment capabilities and increases their knowledge in topics like analytics, portfolio management, and legal frameworks.


  • 45 companies were selected by a customized selection panel to join the start-up support program. Additionally, each startup received a 10k USD grant to be used for value added services that could help grow their business. To date, $200K in grants were withdrawn out of the $450K total.
  • The program provided 120 hours of mentorship and 600+ professional contacts to 45 startups who leveraged these efforts to gain new partners, improve their business models, and explore new ways to source investment.
  • Beyond Capital portfolio companies were given access to networks and potential investors to collectively raise $90M from 30 out of the 45 companies.
  • 25 fellows were selected across two cohorts to join the ifada fellowship program, and 92 percent were first time fund managers that represented 22 entities. Four fellows secured a first close for a fund, three fellows are establishing and fundraising for a fund, three fellows launched fintech start-ups, and two fellows are running active accelerator programs.
  • Beyond Capital invested into 4 funds and have two underway with a total of $3.5M, and gave a seed establishment loan to AmamVenture to help launch their fund.
  • Beyond Capital selected 10 scouts to source investment opportunities. Scouts invested in 18 startups on behalf of Beyond Capital with a ticket of $25K, and matched with a total of $1.3M.
  • The Angel Network grew by 40 percent since 2020, with 30 angel members as part of the network to date. Additionally, eight investments were made.The total capital deployed from members amounted to $1M.
  • Beyond Capital Angel Members received a training program in 2021 that covered 10 workshops and webinars and four ad hoc training programs, including financial and legal due diligence.
  • A Rapid Response to COVID-19 Capital Fund was established to assist firms that faced significant financial challenges resulting from COVID-19. Fifteen applications for funding were received, 11 companies were selected for aid, and a total of $275,000 was immediately disbursed to assist these companies as they addressed economic challenges from COVID-19.
  • J-Core, a private sector initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, has formed a committee that identifies business enabling strategies and policies to support entrepreneurship in Jordan. Beyond Capital plays an active role in monthly policy planning meetings of the initiative.

Last updated: June 15, 2022

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