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Habibi Valterberina Association
Habibi Valterberina Association


Jordan has one of the lowest rates of women’s economic participation in the world, with less than one-fifth  of women engaged in the formal workforce. In 2018, the Habibi Valtiberina Association, a local NGO  established by the priest of St. Joseph’s Pastoral Church in Amman, established a pilot Italian-style  cheesemaking project in the community of Ader located in the central governorate of Karak. HVA seeks to  increase the professional skills and economic livelihoods of vulnerable populations in Jordan as well as Iraqi  asylum seekers who fled ISIS persecution.  


USAID is partnering with the Habibi Valtiberina Association to develop the cheesemaking project into a financially sustainable operation that provides stable employment opportunities for the local community and offering a reliable local supply chain for Mar Youssef’s Pizza. USAID is upgrading and expanding the Habibi Valtiberina Association’s cheesemaking operation in Ader and establishing new visitor experiences around cheesemaking that add to the area’s tourism appeal. The project will expand the temporary cheese production and training center in Ader into a larger and well-equipped permanent facility with an area visitor reception, tasting, and sales area. It will train local women to produce high quality Italian-style cheese using local sheep milk and build their skills in marketing and distribution in the cheese making business. This initiative creates an income-generating activity for vulnerable local women and attracts food enthusiasts and tourists to stimulate the local economy.  


  • The new cheese production center has been equipped and upgraded. Wooden cupboards, shelves, windows, furniture, and air conditioning have been installed, as well as the fridge for the storage of the ricotta. Furthermore, uniforms have been bought and distributed to all the women. 
  • Women employed at the center have developed technical skills to produce Italian-style cheese, as well as how to run a small cheese-making business, including packaging, marketing and distribution. These skills will increase their financial independence to provide for their families and stimulate the economy in their communities.  
  • An indoor tasting room has been created on the first floor of the center, where fresh and aged cheese is served. Tables and chairs have been purchased and placed into the room for future receptions. An outdoor tasting area was also created to enjoy during the Spring and Summer seasons.  
  • In order to transport the cheese from Ader to Amman, a new truck has been purchased and insured. In addition, a refrigerator cell has been installed on the truck to guarantee better preservation of the cheese products during transportation. 

Last updated: June 15, 2022

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