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With nearly two-thirds of the population under the age of 30, Jordan’s economic stability and security depends on the active participation of its youth. However, youth face a number of challenges in Jordan, including a rising cost of living, limited job opportunities, an education system that does not provide them with skills and knowledge to match the needs of the labor market, and limited opportunities for political engagement. Over a third of youth are unemployed, and they lack opportunities for professional development, safe outlets for civic engagement, and access to resources and public services, particularly outside of Jordan’s capital and major cities. Building on existing community-based structures and in partnership with the Government of Jordan and local organizations, USAID works to ensure vulnerable youth have access to knowledge, skills, attitudes, and networks they can use to strengthen their engagement and help build a stable, secure, and self-reliant future.


USAID Youthpower equipped more than 10,000 youth from ages 10 through 29 with education and job skills in 60 communities in all twelve of Jordan’s governorates. A youth advisory council provides direct feedback on projects strategies and activities. USAID Youthpower trains youth in topics including critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, gender and social inclusion, volunteerism, advocacy, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship. Youth gain the necessary skills to mobilize peers and create change in their communities. Together, the youth identify pressing issues in their communities and implant youth-led initiatives that will advance their goals. Youthpower also awards in-kind small grants to youth for entrepreneurship and start-up businesses. Furthermore, Youthpower supports youths’ abilities to dialogue with local policy makers through the youth ambassadors network.


  • YouthPower activities engaged 10,573 youth, including 1,525 who are taking on leadership roles across the 60 target communities. Further, the Activity conducted 534 training activities focused on Problem Solving, Advocacy, Volunteerism, Awareness Raising, and Learning (PAVAL).  
  • The Activity’s Youth Volunteers Network engaged 350 youth to advance dialogue on youth priorities with policy makers. They developed 12 policy papers and implemented 96 youth-led initiatives. Four Youth Units were established within target municipalities to integrate youth priorities, needs, and interests in the design and implementation of youth sensitive local policies, programs, and budgets.  
  • The Activity established 23 Learning Clubs - 11 of which are virtual and 12 in physical spaces serving 3,000 youth in remote communities. The clubs, established based on youth priorities, focus on technology and digital innovation, green solutions, gender and social inclusion, and entrepreneurship and preparedness to join the workforce.  
  • Eight thematic grants were awarded to local organizations to support youth’s skill development. The grantees delivered skills-building training to 696 youth in areas such as entrepreneurship, environment and green solutions, local tourism and heritage, and local policy development. The youth developed 109 innovative initiatives across the 12 governorates, including in agribusinesses and solid waste management; economic empowerment and new tourism products.  
  • A total of 153 in-kind grants were awarded to youth beneficiaries. Through these grants, youth developed business incubators, home-based businesses, and expanded the skill-sets of peers within their communities to enter the workforce. YouthPower anticipates the grants will benefit an additional 3,000 youth and community members.  
  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, YouthPower launched, a first of its kind virtual youth center. This website/platform enables youth across the Kingdom to communicate, interact, and engage by removing geographic obstacles. To date, has more than 17,000 users and provides access to 77 learning materials under 48 different topics, more than 70 videos and five training courses with a focus on business registration and licensing in Jordan. In addition, youth users find community engagement tools and training for facilitation skills for youth.

Last updated: June 22, 2022

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