Women Help Transform their Communities and gain new opportunities through USAID School Construction Projects

Speeches Shim

Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Young Jordanian female engineers and architects are transforming their communities, serving as role models and reaching their professional goals

More than one third of youth in Jordan are unemployed and lack opportunities for employment and professional development. USAID and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, under the USAID-funded school construction program, is tackling this pressing issue head on. They established fair and transparent criteria for hiring newly graduated engineers. Interns are appointed either to the Supervision or Construction Contractor staff based on their interests and job demand. Currently, 90 graduates are learning new construction management skills and receiving high-quality “on-the-job” training. They not only acquire skills and knowledge they can use, but also gain hope and confidence that there is a bright future in which they can excel in their chosen profession.  

Last updated: April 08, 2022

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