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Business to Business meetings help MadeinKosovo products reach new markets
Business to Business meetings help MadeinKosovo products reach new markets
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Kosovo Compete Activity seeks to promote resilient, self-sustaining market systems and improve the private sector’s competitiveness in local, regional and global markets.  It focuses on three key export-oriented sectors: wood processing, food processing, and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).  


Kosovo Compete Activity addresses key elements of the market system in a holistic manner for sustainable, transformative change.  It engages relevant actors in the target sectors to address leverage points, while increasing the capacities and relationships within the targeted systems to eliminate or mitigate constraints and promote growth incentives.  The five year activity will stimulate enterprise growth, promote job creation, and foster greater market penetration, through: 

MARKET ACCESS,  the activity aims to improve coordination and communication between Kosovo-based suppliers and export buyers to help local companies penetrate the export market and increase export sales through stable contracts.  It also promotes partnerships and initiatives through interventions involving diaspora-led sales channels, producer sales agents, virtual platforms, briefing centers, export portals, and specialized services for strengthening export market linkages.  

DIVERSIFIED FINANCE, activity interventions aim to facilitate access to finance for Kosovo exporters by introducing tailored financial products to the market. The activity works closely with key financial industry stakeholders to design new financial products that will help fast growing companies expand their businesses.

BUSINESS SOPHISTICATION, the activity works to strengthen Kosovo businesses so that they are efficient, productive, and prepared to compete in the international market.  It works to implement best practices, including the adoption of lean manufacturing processes, strong corporate governance, relevant certifications, design thinking platforms, and end-market services.

SKILLS DEVELOPMENT, the Kosovo Compete activity improves training and non-formal education to serve the selected sectors and encourages companies to upgrade workforce skills and promote careers among women and youth.  USAID works closely with industry associations to find training providers who can improve the supply of diversified training courses based on specific industry needs.  Activities will strengthen in-company instructors and improve in-company internship programs.

SUPPORT FOR THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT, this area aims to improve relevant rules and regulations to facilitate improved competitiveness for local products and services.  Interventions under this area involve stakeholders such as, industry associations, public institutions, and regulatory institutions to support export competitiveness.


  • 251 enterprises directly engaged with USAID Compete Activity, strengthening increase sector competitiveness; 
  • 66 direct partnerships created with private sector representatives, increasing their productivity and competitiveness;
  • $3.1M in exports value generated as a result of different interventions and activities;  
  • 42 market linkages facilitated/created between Kosovo partners and international buyers;  
  • 12 enterprises entered a new geographical market for the first time(Markets: Switzerland, Austria, and Germany);  
  • 174 participants completed workshops/ trainings/bootcamps/on the job coaching; 
  • $778K investments leveraged as a result of USG assistance;                  

Project Duration:            August 2020 – August 2025     

Partner:                               Cardno Int.  

Contact:                               Flora Arifi

Last updated: August 25, 2022

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