Responsive, Effective, Accountable Governance

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Responsive, Effective, Accountable Governance is designed to improve improve legislative and political responsiveness to citizen needs, by advancing the principles of political integrity, legislative transparency, government accountability, and citizen inclusion to enrich public discourse, increase citizens' political agency, and increase political focus on citizen needs.  The project's four main objectives are to: promote political integrity and legislative transparency through increased engagement between elected officials and citizens; improve government accountability to citizens through enhanced legislative and oversight functions; foster inclusive representation among political parties and the National Assembly and strengthen democratic information environment in Kosovo.                                                                                                    

1093 - Individuals recieved political party training 

980 - Women trained on   

  • Communication  
  • Public speaking  
  • Advocacy 
  • Political Party Training 

2930 - Citizens recieved civic education   

  • Democracy Workshops
  • Teacher Academy
  • Face to Face with Parliamentarians
  • Assembly Open Days
  • Democracy Day

472 - individuals trained in digital communications   

  • Focusing on understanding, identifying, and responding to manipulated information and harmful content


33 - Advocacy Initiatives 

18 - Community Forums  

8 -  actions to enhance parliamentary transperancy and openness

7 - Budget Analysis 

80% - of draft laws carried an integrated bill analysis

35 - Public Forums where MP's interact with citizens

21 - Actions raised by issue based caucuses

5 - New practices political parties took to elevate marginalized groups  

14 - Local government actions 

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Last updated: August 06, 2021