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Citizen Engagement Activity is a five-year activity designed to foster a culture of grassroots activism in Kosovo that leads to improved communities and enhanced quality of life for citizens. The activity will energize community activists, build a robust and trustworthy civil society, expand cooperation across sectors, increase government accountability, and diversify and mobilize resources both domestically and abroad to create change at the local level.


Empowering citizens and strengthening civil society creates positive community change. USAID partners with local and international organizations to: create a Community Leadership Academy that provides tools and training to ensure the expansion of community activism for young people; Conduct knowledge sharing, training, and mentorship to equip civil society organizations with skills and knowledge to engage community stakeholders and maintain ties to citizens; and educate CSOs on how to monitor policy-making and raise issues with local governments to ensure action and accountability.


Transparency and cooperation are the foundation for building social trust among civil society, citizens, private sector, and public institutions.  The Activity facilitates cross-sector forums across the country that convene representatives from multiple sectors to work together on solutions to citizen-identified issues. To improve transparency and trust, the Activity will design an online financial reporting platform to make the financial reports and activities of civil society organizations publicly available.  It will also strengthen the watchdog role of CSOs by supporting the implementation of the Government of Kosovo’s Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society, a four-year plan aimed at creating an enabling environment for civil society development and participation in public life.


Increased access to resources - financial, human, and material - both domestically and abroad gives communities the support they need to create change. Through regional partnerships, the Activity will: create an online philanthropy platform to track donations made to CSOs and publish the information; launch a crowdfunding platform so that individuals from anywhere in the world can support local initiatives; and provide coaching and technical assistance to CSOs to help them learn how to find funders and leverage the resources they receive; and place volunteers with expertise in organizations to mentor and transfer knowledge.  The Citizen Engagement Activity will also initiate multi-stakeholder dialogue for legislative and regulatory changes that would remove barriers to philanthropy, banking services, and voluntarism.


Through a set of integrated interventions Citizen Engagement Activity will:

  • Strengthen community activism through the development of cadres of grassroots activists
  • Improve the effectiveness of CSOs and their links to the citizens they represent through greater involvement with local government and the demand for government accountability
  • Provide legal support for participatory advocacy, and strategic litigation for cases addressing collective rights.
  • Increase transparency and trust in CSOs by publishing their financial reports
  • Expand solution-oriented cross-sectoral cooperation to respond better to community interests
  • Support CSOs to hold local governments accountable to including citizens in decision-making
  • Cultivate a culture of giving by increasing awareness of and transparency about philanthropy, fundraising and voluntarism in Kosovo
  • Increase knowledge about the best way to leverage resources and create links to opportunities for CSOs and citizen activists
  • Leverage diaspora expertise and skills to make CSOs more effective


Project Duration:              August 2021 – July 2026

Partner:                              Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) 

Contact:                             Luljeta Gjonbalaj

Last updated: September 15, 2022

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