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Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation
Exhibition highlights Mitrovica once was—a multiethnic, prosperous, and vibrant city.
Community Building Mitrovica for USAIDKosovo

USAID’s Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation activity aims for Kosovo to become a society where there is proactive cooperation, peaceful co-existence between various groups, and the full application of democratic values for all of Kosovo’s citizens. USAID’s Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation activity addresses the present reconciliation needs of different ethnic groups in Kosovo on individual, community, and institutional levels.  The activity builds both personal and collective awareness on the need to understand others, prioritizes shared values and approaches, and transforms coexistence into a (shared) future with social cohesion among all people in the country.  To do so, the activity utilizes a People-To-People approach that:

1) Brings people and groups from diverse ethnic backgrounds closer together in order to identify common interests, overcome past narratives, build new perspectives based on citizens’ needs, promote inclusive, and

2) Diminishes any potential for future conflicts by addressing persistent tensions, showcasing promising potentials for co-existence, and overcoming the existing barriers between ethnic groups in Kosovo.


On a Collective Level:  Local changemakers improve their skills and capacity for collaboration with different sectors and diverse ethnic groups through community initiatives and value sharing

On an Individual Level:  Members of different communities, through storytelling about the past, better understand each other, reconcile, and create the foundation for conflict transformation into cooperation

On a Policy Level:  Communities benefit from potentially new and amended policies and programs that reconcile conflicting communities and transform conflict into cooperation

On a Socio-Economic Level:  Local communities benefit from social innovations that address societal challenges, with local economy stakeholders benefiting from promotion of public-private partnerships

On a Media-Promotion Level:  Communities sensitized to the values shared by different communities in Kosovo, with the media and youth promoting a citizen-centered approach

On a Research-Based Level:  Government of Kosovo, developmental organizations, and donors benefit from high-quality policy and program research and analysis on advanced reconciliation and conflict transformation programs


  • The first multiethnic reconciliation Cohesion Circle established in February 2021, mobilizing 20+ community leaders from the seven Mitrovica-region municipalities (Mitrovica North, Mitrovica South, Zvečan/Zveqan, Leposavić/Leposaviq, Zubin Potok, Skenderaj/Srbica, and Vushtrri/Vučitrn) to organize various community events and locally promote reconciliation
  • Increased capacities and skills of local changemakers to initiate new and mutual community initiatives that bond different groups around shared values
  • A better understanding of other communities developed through active engagement of youth and women in community challenges and opportunities, such as (digital) storytelling
  • Peacebuilding and conflict transformation reinforced through the co-creation of policy processes that translate into (amended) reconciliation policies and programs
  • Economic empowerment introduced as a tool for community engagement, reconciliation, and conflict transformation; Implementation of social innovations that address local societal challenges and unleash the entrepreneurial drive of community members
  • The shared values of communities promoted from a citizen-centered approach by media and citizens, with communities able to recognize objective reporting 


Project Duration:            August 2020-August 2025                                                           

Partner:                               Community Building Mitrovica

Contact:                              Marina Dimitrijevic

Last updated: August 25, 2021

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