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02-12-2022 20:00

ADMINISTRATOR POWER: Well, first, again, as you well know, you were a principal and incredibly influential – and USAID administrators, again, had been there as the need arose. 

What's different about 2022 is not Samantha Power. It's the world. It's that you can't think of a foreign policy issue or a geopolitical issue that doesn't connect in some fashion. Look what China's doing beyond its borders, with its checks and its investment, and its attempt to change, fundamentally, the international order and to redefine that order in its image.

02-12-2022 17:30

ADMINISTRATOR POWER: Thanks so much. That’s incredibly generous, Nisha. What’s also generous is just how much of your time and your intellect and your heart you are giving to us at USAID – again – in this different role. And I don’t know what we would do without you in ACVFA, and that is a form of service to all the people in the world again, who you’ve dedicated your life to. 

01-12-2022 17:45

DEPUTY ADMINISTRATOR COLEMAN: I just heard you say on the last panel: we shouldn't be asking the why anymore. I think we are really – I think everybody in this room knows the “why.” The “why” has been documented and researched and written about for decades – when you invest in women and girls, it has such a positive impact not only on the girl child, but on her family, on her community, on her country, on the global economy. We've seen it across the board, investing in women produces better health outcomes, it reduces fertility [rates], it improves farmer yields, it is a bulwark against climate change. 

01-12-2022 14:00

But let me just start out by recognizing, at the outset, remarkable resiliency that Ukraine has demonstrated over the last eight years. The entire country has stepped up to defend their home and their identity in the face of relentless and indiscriminate attacks. And I think it's a direct result of the strength, the spirit, and the pride of the Ukrainian people.

29-11-2022 21:30

ADMINISTRATOR POWER: Good evening. I’m grateful to all of you for having me here to celebrate this truly momentous moment in promoting food security and nutrition around the world, and with individuals like you who have given so much of your lives to this vital cause. I feel really, really fortunate to be leading USAID at this time, of all times – it’s not an obvious reaction actually to be leading USAID at this time of all times but I feel so privileged to be a part of this effort to find solutions to this, one of the most formidable and soluble challenges of our time. 

29-11-2022 20:45

ADMINISTRATOR POWER: Eileen, great to see you virtually. I really miss working with you day to day, but I'm excited that some pretty daunting real world challenges have brought us back together in the form of this collaboration, and others. Eileen is also kind enough to serve on an advisory board here at USAID that's really important to our strategic thinking about the direction that this development and humanitarian Agency goes in. So Eileen, great to see you virtually, can't wait to get out there – for lots of reasons – but not least, to see you.

28-11-2022 19:15

As we mark the annual global campaign of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, we celebrate this year’s theme, “UNITE! Activism to end violence against women and girls.” It brings together a slate of actors – governments, corporations, civil society organizations, the media, multilateral organizations, and individuals – to address gender-based violence through partnerships and cooperation.

26-11-2022 08:15

ADMINISTRATOR POWER: Thank you so much, Prime Minister Shmyhal. President Zelenskyy, thank you for the profound privilege of joining you, and so many distinguished leaders from around the world, on this day of solemn remembrance. 

Just steps away from our nation’s Capitol building, the United States, as you well know, has erected its own memorial of the Holodomor, honoring the millions of innocent Ukrainian women, men, and children who perished in this man-made Famine, and whose deaths Stalin tried to keep secret from the world. 

17-11-2022 09:30

I am delighted that we are all gathered here today to witness and celebrate this important event, representing yet another milestone of the continued partnership between the United States and the Government of Namibia in the fight against COVID-19. 

16-11-2022 21:00

At USAID, our water investments under the Action Plan and the newly refreshed Global Water Strategy will enable crucial progress on access to water and sanitation services, as well as improved management of water resources, over the next five years.


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