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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Energy Sector Workers at Power for All Through empowerment programs, women are breaking into the energy sector.

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Climate change is a threat that sees no borders and USAID is uniquely positioned to implement climate solutions globally. At this month’s UN Climate Change Conference, USAID announced multiple initiatives, targets, and partnerships to combat the climate crisis. Back in Washington, Administrator Samantha Power set a bold vision for USAID, offering Americans and the world a broad vision of inclusive development. Power committed to sweeping equity and accessibility reforms that will make USAID more inclusive in terms of who the Agency recruits, partners with, and serves. Watch the speech.

Administrator Samantha Power visited Moldova  Photo credit: USAID

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Administrator Samantha Power visited Moldova to support that country’s ambitious democratic reforms. USAID also announced a new partnership with National Geographic Kids Africa. And we celebrated five ways USAID is helping vaccinate the world as the United States reached its 250 millionth global vaccine delivery.

Arman Assylkhan, 29, is a renewable energy specialist from Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

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USAID’s partnership with countries like Kazakhstan promote renewable energy as a solution to cutting carbon emissions and tackling climate change. Get the details from Arman, an energy expert from the country, who says developing power from renewable resources like the sun and wind can reduce global warming.

Collaborating with USAID

The new offers a variety of innovative services and curated tools designed to connect partners to peers and experts, and help prepare them to pursue USAID funding. ​​Join us and many others on the website now!

Did You Know?

This year, Andrea González, a torch bearer of Guatemala’s LGBTQI+ movement and a leader in the transgender women’s organization Otrans Reinas de la Noche, was murdered. USAID supported the work of the 28-year-old through Otrans, which advocates for gender identity as a human right in Guatemala. Hers was the second murder in as many days of a member of the group. As we mark Transgender Day of Remembrance this month, we continue to work to extend the reach of safety, prosperity, and freedom to all—including transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

Last updated: December 30, 2021

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