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Agriculture and Food Security

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

Economic Growth and Trade

Aceites Esenciales [PDF, 1.4 mb]
Arroz [PDF, 2.9 mb]
Azúcar Orgánica [PDF, 3.3 mb]
Banana [PDF, 2.3 mb]
Biocombustibles [PDF, 2.1 mb]
Caña de Azúcar [PDF, 1.7 mb]
Gender and Value Chain [PDF, 567.7 kb]
Hortalizas y Frutas [PDF, 2.1 mb]
Maíz [PDF, 1.5 mb]
Mandioca [PDF, 2.4 mb]
Mburucuyá [PDF, 1.8 mb]
Producción Avícola [PDF, 1.8 mb]
Sandía [PDF, 1.4 mb]
Stevia [PDF, 3.5 mb]
Yerba Mate [PDF, 3 mb]

Environment, Energy, and Infrastructure

Last updated: February 17, 2022

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