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This collaboration between USAID and PROSALUD supports the strengthening of capacities to provide oxygen therapy in Bolivian secondary and tertiary hospitals by (1) assessing the health facilities where severely ill COVID-19 patients will receive care, (2) providing technical assistance and training in severe case management and infection prevention and control in the clinical setting;  to ensure the effective use of mechanical ventilators donated to Bolivia by USAID, (3) improving the availability of oxygen resources in priority health facilities, (4) helping to improve the vaccination rate and (5) involving communities for the reactivation of essential health programs and better respond to new threats.


PROSALUD assessed the capacity to provide critical care including mechanical ventilation, in hospitals selected by the Bolivian Ministry of Health as recipients of mechanical ventilators donated by USAID, trained their personnel in the management of COVID-19 and in prevention and control of severe infections in the clinical setting, improved its oxygen resources by supplying 6m3 and 1m3 oxygen tanks to hospitals with COVID-19 patients; From October 1, 2021, new vaccination points will be implemented, followed by activities aimed at involving communities in health problems that directly affect them.


  • Evaluation of 106 hospitals located in nine departments of Bolivia, selected by the Ministry of Health and Sports, an Evaluation of Intensive Care Facilities developed by USAID was applied. Five doctors, five biomedical engineers and a nurse carried out the evaluations between August and October 2020.
  • PROSALUD accompanied COSIN (Vyaire's representative) in the delivery of ventilators to one hundred and six hospitals. To date, COSIN and CEASS are looking at ways to replace damaged fans, which implies a re-export process.
  • 303 doctors, nurses, and biomedical engineers were trained in the management of severe cases of COVID-19, the prevention and control of infections in the clinical setting, and the use of mechanical ventilators donated by USAID. 51 people from the Ministry of Health also received training. These trainings were implemented on 13 different occasions in the 9 Departments of Bolivia in a joint effort of the CEASS (Central Supply and Health Supplies) of the Ministry of Health, COSIN (local representative of Vyaire) and PROSALUD. Representatives of the Bolivian Society of Critical Medicine and Intensive Therapy participated as instructors in the training
  • PROSALUD and the Bolivian Evangelical University are teaching a COVID-19 Diploma, Critical Patient Management and Assisted Mechanical Ventilation approved by the Ministry of Education; there are 108 registered participants, and the third module is already completed.
  • 980 6m3 oxygen cylinders and 167 1m3 transport cylinders with pressure gauges, humidifiers and masks were distributed to 41 hospitals treating COVID-19. A promotional video was produced and broadcast on the PROSALUD website and Facebook.
  • 26,601 doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccine were administered in 200+ educational institutions under the safe return to school plan, in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Montero, Oruro, Tarija and Sucre.
  • PROSALUD has applied 185,943 doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccine since the beginning of the vaccination process, in eleven centers owned by the institution and in collaboration with the PAI, mobile brigades were incorporated to counteract the decrease in demand for vaccines.
  • Community strengthening to improve the health care conditions of the communities has been initiated in Montero, Portachuelo and Santa Cruz.

Last updated: September 19, 2022

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