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Chocolate Dulce Esperanza is the enterprise of the women of the Quillabamba prison in Cusco. With the support of USAID - US Agency for International Development, National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA and allies, they have organized, received training and have become chocolate artisans. Now they can generate income for their families.

Video Transcript 
Cindy Quispe. Chocolatier. For us it is important to be heard, our presence is not usually here. We have a business that we call “Dulce Esperanza”. Carefully we prepare some delicious chocolates. If the products have the value of those who make them. Our chocolates have a flavor that transforms the soul and turns sorrows into hope. We are approximately 40 women, and we have many things in common, such as we always wanted to give the best to our children. But we were wrong, trying to make easy money, in the illicit drug trade. Now we are inmates in the Quillabamba prison, and now we are far from our children, we had to leave them with relatives, or in a group home. Isabel Araujo. Regional Director. We are using chocolate as a transformation tool. We help the inmates to build a life project. We hope that this initiative serves as an inspiration and can be replicated in other prisons. Joshelin Leon. Chocolatier. We hope to get ahead, with our own effort. A short time ago we started roasting over a campfire, husking the beans with our hands and the only machine was a borrowed mill. With effort and support we have achieved technical, organizational and equipment advances. This workshop has allowed us to become chocolate artisans and pour all our energies into improving as people. Sophia Leon. Chocolatier. Even so, it is difficult for us to carry out a production, because we have few clients and many times we go into debt to buy the supplies. We work hard thinking about the needs of our children, when we finally have the product, we must trust an intermediary and many times we are not paid. That is why, in order to sell, we are trying to form a cooperative. USAID AND NCBA CLUSA, PROMOTE THE COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT OF INTERNS IN THE QUILLABAMBA PRISON, IN CUSCO. IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE PERUVIAN LAW OF PRODUCTIVE PRISONS. Oscar Inocente. Representative in Peru - NCBA Cooperatives are an alternative to face problems, take advantage of opportunities and generate inclusive progress. Every problem can be overcome, with solidarity and cooperation. This is demonstrated by the case of Dulce Esperanza Chocolates, promoted by NCBA and USAID. In this experience we are getting organizations and companies to join. Our annual goal is to go from 1,200 bars to 7,000 bars sold. We know that this path is just beginning, but we are excited by the results we have been achieving, thanks to the solidarity and cooperation we are finding. Joshelin Leon - Chocolatier. A cooperative will allow us to spend more time working in our workshop, be able to generate money and send something to our children; and also be able to continue working when we reach our freedom. When they accept our chocolate, they accept our regret and give us a second chance, for our lives and the lives of our children.

Last updated: September 22, 2022

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