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Request for Public External Comment on the USAID Agency Plan Under the Global Water Strategy

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Billions of people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation or regularly face water scarcity. Water security, sanitation and hygiene are more important to U.S. foreign policy than ever as the world continues to recover from the most significant public health crisis in 100 years, respond to the increasingly devastating impacts of climate change, and confront growing threats to equality, peace, and security.

The Water for the World Act of 2014 requires the Department of State and USAID to jointly deliver a whole-of-government U.S. Global Water Strategy (GWS) by October 1, 2017 and every five years thereafter through 2027. The second iteration of the Strategy is due to Congress October 1, 2022. 

This iteration of the GWS will serve as the primary means of operationalizing the White House Global Water Security Action Plan launched June 1 by Vice President Kamala Harris. The Action Plan’s whole-of-government approach emphasizes advancing U.S. leadership in the global effort to achieve universal and equitable access to sustainable, climate-resilient, safe, and effectively managed WASH services; promoting sustainable management and protection of water resources and associated ecosystems; and ensuring that multilateral action mobilizes cooperation and promotes water security.

The updates to the GWS for 2022, which is currently in development, will include a new and updated Vision, Goal, Strategic Objectives, and Principles. They are: 

Vision: A water-secure world

Goal: Improve health, prosperity, stability and resilience through sustainable and equitable water resources management and access to safe drinking water and sanitation services and hygiene practices

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Strategic Objective 1: Strengthen Water and Sanitation Sector Governance, Financing, Institutions, and Markets
  2. Strategic Objective 2: Increase Equitable Access to Safe, Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Drinking Water and Sanitation Services, and Adoption of Key Hygiene Behaviors
  3. Strategic Objective 3: Improve Climate-Resilient Conservation and Management of Freshwater Resources and of Associated Ecosystems
  4. Strategic Objective 4: Anticipate and Reduce Conflict and Fragility Related to Water


  1. Work Through and Strengthen Global, National, and Local Systems
  2. Focus on Meeting the Needs of Marginalized and Underserved People, Communities, and Those in Vulnerable Situations
  3. Leverage Research, Learning, and Innovation
  4. Incorporate Resilience across All Aspects of this Strategy

In accordance with the Water for the World Act, USAID and State must also develop Agency-specific Plans that describe how each will implement the GWS. USAID’s Agency-specific Plan provides a framework for the Agency’s contribution to the U.S. government’s shared vision for a water-secure world as outlined in the Action Plan and Strategy. Both the GWS and the USAID Plan have been updated to ensure relevance in a changing world and to respond to the lessons learned through implementation of the 2017 Strategy and its agency-specific plans. 

USAID invites comments from the public on our draft GWS Agency-specific Plan by 12:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday July 5, 2022. Comments may be submitted in the box below. Input from a diverse range of public stakeholders is essential to making sure the USAID Agency Plan is responsive to USG priorities, is evidence-based, and promotes ambitious, sustainable outcomes.  In mid-July, the Department of State and USAID will also host a virtual consultation on the overall GWS.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 - 7:30am

Last updated: July 07, 2022