Earth Day 2021

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USAID Climate Change  message

April 22 marks Earth Day, and this year President Biden is hosting a Leaders Summit on Climate bringing together leaders from around the world to discuss the urgency for addressing the climate crises.

Climate change is not just an existential threat, it is currently threatening development progress and exacerbating global inequities; increasing water and food scarcity, the need for humanitarian assistance, and displacement; and contributing to conflict. USAID is well-positioned to support the Administration’s bold climate agenda and implementation of the Paris Agreement. USAID has climate change programs in more than 45 countries working to implement climate solutions on the ground globally.

Watch Mission Directors from around the world talk about how USAID is addressing the climate crises and working with partner countries to reduce global emissions and protect our environment. Together we can make a difference for a healthier and more prosperous planet.



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Last updated: April 22, 2021

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